A buddy showed me this trick for our old sawhorse.  Seems the part of this oil soaked bunch of 2 x 4’s that rots the quickest, are the exposed tops and bottoms of the vertical legs. By simply putting a plastic bucket or container over the tops of them,  will not only stop the tops from getting nicked up, but of course keep them nice and dry.

Any old plastic buckets will do, I’m using my empty Vega One containers.  They are tall enough that they don’t blow off and strong enough that you can leave them on while you load it up with wood.

For the bottoms, pre-drill and then screw in two 3″ lag bolts into the bottom of each of the legs, leaving the heads full exposed.  The heads work like little feet.  Keeping the wood off the ground and out of any standing water.

These little tricks should extend the life of our handy old saw horse.