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Whether we have taken down a tree ourselves, or someone else was kind enough to do it for us, one thing is always the same, we take and use all of the wood.  Obviously the majority of the wood is bucked, split and used to heat our homes, even the small and odd ball pieces are split and set aside for the Karma Bank.

the Karma Bank

But what about all the mess you leave behind, once you’ve bucked it all up, thrown it towards the splitter, split it all down and finally moved it to it’s stacking spot.

The sawdust we create when bucking the logs is used for the horse stalls and almost all the small left over bits and pieces are collected into bins and set aside as well.  These small bits of bark and wood are thrown into the chicken coup to work against the mud and chicken muck that is created on a daily basis.

We now even have a great spot for the pieces of wood that are too small for the Karma Bank but too large for the chickens.

We are fortunate enough to now have an amazing wood burning sauna at the farm!

This was a DIY project many years in the making.  There always seemed to be something else to do that was just too important or time sensitive, but it’s up and running now and man is it nice.

The cast iron burner doesn’t need a whole lot of wood to heat up the rocks and so all the smaller odd bits of wood now have a purpose. For those of you who’d rather buy a kit they are available online <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND.

There is nothing better after splitting or stacking wood than jumping into a wood burning home made sauna.

The cedar walls, ceiling and benches smell amazing especially when you toss a spoon full of cold water onto the rocks and feel the pinch of heat in your nose and mouth.

The sweat starts to flow almost instantly and you can feel the toxins oozing out of your pours.  It is more than satisfying to not only find some new firewood, buck, split and stack it all up and then climb into a beautiful hot wood burning sauna that you and your friends made with your own hands.

Add a nice cold beer or your favourite chilled beverage when you get out and it’s been a pretty perfect day.

We’ve done some rewarding work, we’ve not wasted anything along the way and now we get a nice little treat.

We light the firebox about a half an hour before we want to use it and then feed it whenever necessary.  One loaded firebox will keep the sauna hot and steaming for about an hour.

The sauna itself is about 14 feet x 16 feet with the steam room using up 10 feet x 12 feet of that space.  There is also a small sitting/changing room, a washroom and a shower for rinsing off before or afterwards.  And lets face it, any night is great for a sauna whether you’ve been chopping wood or not, but this is a Wood Whore’s story after all.