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How much firewood is too much?

My answer to that question is always the same. As much room as you have to store it. When that’s full, that’s when you have enough.  Check out the Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack! <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND.

Some guys think that maybe it will go bad, or punky if it sits too long. If your wood is high and dry. You have at least 2 or 3 years minimum before you even have to start worrying about that.

That of course is based on the fact that your wood wasn’t rotten or bug infested before you stacked it. Any wood you’re unsure of for any reason should definitely be burnt first.
I will talk about bugs and rats in another blog post. So the bottom line is this, If you have the space and the wood is there for the taking, Take it!

It’s always better to have too much for the upcoming winter than not enough.
Firewood is like everything else in life, there are good days (or months) and not so good ones. Take advantage and enjoy the good ones, you never know when the bad ones might show up.

Me and the guys at the farm have had weeks when we each get multiple calls from different sources. They always say the same thing, come and get it now. By that same token, we have also had weeks when none of us got a call at all. I’m the type who takes advantage of the good times, just in case of the never predictable bad ones.

You don’t have to split it all, you can leave it in rounds until needed. Just remember it takes much more time for a round to dry and depending on the type of wood, it can be a real bitch to split once it hardens ups.