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There’s dozens of ways of stacking wood, or making kindling, or even starting your fire.  There are also dozens of ways of hauling your wood into the house.  Cardboard boxes, plastic recycling bins, milk crates <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND, almost anything that wood can be put in and carried, someone, somewhere is using it.

I’ve seen some pretty clever home made ideas, some quite simple, two four foot pieces of rope with eyelets for handles on each of the four ends, just set your ropes down on the ground and place your wood down across the laid out ropes.  Lift two ends of the rope up and place them through the eyes of the opposite ends.  Lift up the two ends, the wood will cinch as you lift up.

It’s simple and pretty effective.  It can leave a bit of trail though, because any debris or bugs will loosen and fall as your wood rubs together.   No big deal, but still something to think about.

A nice wooden carrier with smooth handles on each side makes a good transporter, but it takes both your hands to carry it.  Again, no big deal unless you have doors to open or things to move out of your way.

Have you ever seen a Firewood Apron <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND These things are great.  You put one end around your neck and you hold the other one in your hand.  You can put in as much wood as you can handle and your back won’t get sore.  You get a free hand to open doors or gates and no mess falls through the durable material.  The straps are made of heavy duty nylon so no worries about them breaking or tearing.

Firewood Apron

The firewood apron I use has a load capacity of more pounds than I can carry.  I bought it over 10 years ago and it has been nothing but great the entire time.  You can get it wet, dirty, muddy, it doesn’t care.  Just take it outside and shake it into a garden area when you’re finished hauling in your wood.  Then just hang it up until it’s needed next time.

The two great things about this apron for me are that all the debris sits in the pouch and doesn’t fall in my floor and the fact that I have one hand free.  I used to hate balancing a box on my thigh as I tried to open my side gate or front door.

I use the firewood apron for hauling in the kindling as well.  It holds way more than my fireplace bucket <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND can hold and again no sawdust or anything falls on the floor.  Over the years, I’ll bet I’ve talked over 50 guys into buying one of these things. Again, form and function, a wonderful firewood accessory.  It’s one I wouldn’t want to be without and highly recommend.