I’m not sure if Karma is real or not, but I figure “what goes around, comes around”.  In a perfect world, every downed tree would be an exact length with no short bits left over. We all know that rarely happens.  Whether your storage space is limited or you just don’t want to bother stacking all that small stuff, here’s what I do.

I’ve met all kinds of people who burn wood over the years, and they are all different.  Some guys like me and my wood whore buddies live to chop down unwanted trees.  There is nothing better than bucking and splitting your own wood.  What’s that old saying? “Firewood warms you twice.  Once when you split it all up and then again when you burn it'”.

It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, it’s great exercise, it’s productive, and did I mention it’s fun.  Some folks would rather buy their wood than split it themselves, some folks don’t have the various tools it takes and some don’t even have the time to do it.

Then there are people who really can’t do it themselves, for whatever reason, health usually being the cuplrit, they just can’t.  I’ve met some of these folks and become pretty good friends with a few of them as well.  So whenever I’m bucking and splitting, I make a pile of the odd bits. This pile grows pretty quick and a few times a year, I load up my 1 ton and go spread a little cheer.

the Karma Bank

I’ll drop a load at a few of their places and then I go home.  I don’t leave a note or ask for anything.  I actually prefer it when they aren’t home.  They always want to give me something in return and that’s not why I do it.  I do it because, a) I don’t want to stack all those little bits and b) because it feels good doing something nice for people.

I like to call it making a deposit in the Karma Bank.