Thursday, May 23, 2024
So you got a great tip, or you found a stash of free firewood online.  Maybe you heard it from a friend of a friend.  No matter the source, you've confirmed it and you're grabbing your buddy to go...
When he got that old F150 onto level ground, that's when he noticed how bad the tires were rubbing.
Came upon this unique firewood holder on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Not sure if he had the foresight to plant those Douglas Firs 30 years ago just to become the world's toughest firewood rack, but if he did, he...
A DIY pruning project gone horribly wrong!
This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more information. We were asked to come and take down this big old oak, but when Buddy saw the clown disappear inside the tree, we chickened out....damn you Stephen King!


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