Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Diatomaceous Earth

Man That’s A Lot of Ants

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more information. So you found yourself a nice load of wood, someone was even nice...
kindling wood

Kindling Wood for Free

Whether you like to split a cedar round down to bite size pieces or use a hand pruner to lop off the real thin...
the Karma Bank

Depositing Into the Karma Bank

I'm not sure if Karma is real or not, but I figure "what goes around, comes around".  In a perfect world, every downed tree...
Giant Silver Maple

Giant Silver Maple

I have to start by saying sorry (sort of) to all my woodworking buddies.  I know you’ll all cringe when I tell you I...
never too much wood

Never Too Much Firewood

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more information. How much firewood is too much? My answer to that question is always the same. As...
Free Firewood

Sourcing Free Firewood

Not everyone can fall a tree themselves and some people would just rather not anyways.  For some folks the most difficult part of being...

Not So Free Firewood

So you got a great tip, or you found a stash of free firewood online.  Maybe you heard it from a friend of a...

Doing the Hard Work

It's just like with the Giant Silver Maple I got my hands on.  All my woodworking buddies and for that matter any woodworkers that...


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