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It’s very cold outside, it’s dark, it’s windy and it makes me very happy that I’ve got a huge pile of nice dry firewood just waiting to keep us warm on nights like this.  The fireplace is burning bright and hot and I’m relaxed in my favorite seat.  It doesn’t matter if I’m watching the game or reading a good book.

It seems to be getting a bit too warm sitting in my favorite spot, so on my way to the kitchen, I shut down the flames just a little bit.  When I get back to my seat and plunk my butt down, my wife walks into the room.

She’s wearing socks, thermal slippers <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND, pajamas and a housecoat.  She finds her usual spot and pulls her fuzzy little blanket off the chair and wraps it around herself before she sits.

Once she sits down, she looks over at the glass door of my air tight fireplace and says “It’s not very warm in here, can’t you make it hotter?”

She knows I can, but she asks anyways.  I’m damn near down to my birthday suit, just me and my SAXX <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND, because it’s so warm in the living room, she’s dressed up like an Eskimo and she’s still cold.

Is it just my wife or is this a normal thing?

I was on the verge of opening the front door for a second just to let a bit of the heat out.  She’s looking for a thicker blanket cause she’s still cold.

Of course, instead of opening the door….and my mouth, I stand up and walk over to the fireplace, bend down a little and tug the air intake lever to cause the already hot logs to burst into flames again.

I can feel the heat instantly hit my face, it’s crazy hot in the room now and my wife looks at me and says “That’s better… now it should warm up.”

In my head I’m thinking, if it gets any warmer I’m gonna pass out.  I’m not sure if there is an answer to this one or not, but I’ve already ordered an electric blanket <—CLICK HERE—THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK —HELP SUPPORT OUR BEER FUND for her ice cold butt.  I just hope I can make it until Christmas!